90% to 95% American Standard

There becomes a time in a furnaces life that you need to way the repair cost versus a new furnace.. In this case it was time to replace. We replaced this 90% Trane(American Standard) with a new 95% American Standard.

Older Trane Unit.

Older Trane Unit.

I want to point out in the picture above the Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC), grey thing in the middle. If a service tech where to take out the instructions and actually read how these need to be installed he would be amazed. Almost every EAC I see is installed incorrectly. The air MUST be evenly distributed across the EAC cells and sized for the furnace CFM. In most cases this requires 24″ of straight ducting ahead and behind the EAC.

New 95% furnace

New 95% furnace

In this case the customer would be better served in my opinion with a 4″ pleated installed in the EAC box.
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