After XMAS American Standard 95% Variable 2 Stage

I wish I could have responded sooner, but one of my customers found out their furnace needed to be replaced the day before Christmas. Unfortunately I could not get a furnace until the following Monday, leaving them to rely on their wood stove for heat … I rested a little better knowing they had back up heat.

American Standard 95% 2-stage Variable Speed

American Standard 95% 2-stage Variable Speed

Now realize I took this picture just as I was ready to leave, once again almost forgetting to take a picture at all … we had already pushed back the tool box and re-hung the bike from the ceiling. As I took the picture I really did know if i would post it or not … but then I thought it would actually show people how close you can snug things up to an American Standard 95% 2 Stage Variable Speed furnace. This furnace draws its combustion air from the top of the unit, limiting the clearance needed in front and on the sides.

I also want to point out the filter door above the unit, some customers like their current filter setup but want easier access to them. I cut in a simple filter access door that allows the customer to access the filter without reaching into the furnace or removing screws.


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