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An American Standard Heat Pump

Is it Getting Hot Around Here?

Skagit County is an awesome place to live. Unfortunately, our summers are getting hotter. Alpine Heating And Cooling can help - we install energy efficient, reliable air conditioning systems for customers all around Skagit county. Alpine has won the Skagit Pulse's Business Of The Year award and the Angie's List Super Service Award.

The experts at Alpine Heating And Cooling offer quality sales, service, installation and maintenance services throughout Skagit County all year round since 2003.

$100 OFF a new Air Conditioner Install in Time for Summer

Who wants to be cool and comfortable this summer?

Whether you've never enjoyed a summer with your own air conditioning, or your old unit is loud, inefficient, or on the way out, here's $100 on us toward a new, quiet, efficient AC unit.

Alpine is the Skagit Valley's Air Conditioning Expert

Alpine Heating And Cooling is the top choice for Skagit County. Alpine Heating And Cooling installs all types of HVAC equipment, from portable air conditioners found in small homes and apartments to roof AC units on large commercial buildings. No matter what the installation, we have the experience. 90% of our projects come from word of mouth from our own satisfied customers. Just check our reviews.

Lifetime Guarantee

If we install a new AC, heat pump, ductless mini split, or an entire air conditioning system, we guarantee our labor for life. If something fails because of our labor, we will come back at no charge and fix it. We also honor any equipment and/or material warranties that the manufactures or wholesalers may provide.


We Service What We Sell

If you are considering a new air conditioning system or a replacement of AC, heat pump, or ductless mini split system, Alpine Heating and Cooling is eager to be your full-service, full-satisfaction provider. Alpine only sells HVAC equipment that we can service and repair, unlike other companies that install equipment but rely on others to repair their installs. We know and trust the equipment we sell and install. You can rest easy knowing our years of experience went into helping you choose your HVAC equipment.

A Few Air Conditioning Installs We've Done

american standard ac in a trane furnace
York and American Standard Matchup
Rheem Air Conditioner at Subway

Big Lake

Beautiful Big Lake

One of my favorite places to install heating or cooling equipment is in the Big Lake area, a small community that is embedded into the landscape. In this particular air conditioner installation, the home overlooked Big Lake, perfect to watch the fourth of July fireworks.

Trane and American Standard

Most people don't know that Trane is actually manufactured by American Standard. Funny thing is that American Standard is a higher rated(according to consumer reports) piece of HVAC equipment than Trane. Although the brand name Trane is more recognized, they are literally the same piece of equipment.

When the AC Coil Won't Fit

In this particular application, there is simply not enough room to get the new American Standard air conditioning coil into the existing duct system. In any gas furnace application, we must install the AC coil down stream of the furnace. What to do? In an upflow application (such as this) you can either enter the furnace from the bottom or the side. Here we simply dropped the furnace down, entered the return air from the side, and added the coil onto the top of the unit.

Air Conditioner Location

While it's not that hard to figure out where to place the air conditioner, I try to avoid putting the AC near a master bedroom or near the neighbors' master bedroom. I try to avoid water spigots, clothes drier outlets, and walkways. I also try to keep as close as I can to the electrical panel. In this case, though, the panel was literally around the garage and up a slope. No problem.

A Beautiful Install

In this air conditioner installation we were able to install a matching full-cased coil onto the existing Trane furnace, run about 40' of refer lineset, and install a 13 seer American Standard air conditioner on a pre-formed pad. My customer is going to be very cool for many summers to come.

Mix and Match

York Meets American Standard

Once in a while, you have to mix and match the equipment. In this case, this York furnace and American Standard indoor coil. Usually it's because the existing furnace is fairly new - this York 80% efficiency gas furnace was only 9 months old. As long you have the proper airflow and your equipment can match up physically without causing, it will work just fine. Keep in mind you should still match up your indoor coil and air conditioner by capacities.

American "Standard" Colors

I have to admit that somehow the folks down at American Standard have picked the perfect colors for their equipment. I have yet to see one of their air conditioners or heat pumps stick out, they seem to always match up to the home. I wish the refer pipe cover would come in the same color! Well, at least its paintable.

American Standard Air Conditioner - the Best You can Get

I can not tell people enough how much I prefer American Standard over any other brand. I will install a less expensive piece of equipment IF the customer is on a budget, or American Standard simply will not match up to the existing furnace. I feel American Standard is a better built piece of equipment. That's just not my experience talking, but also consumer reports over the last 6 or so years.


Subway Rooftop AC Install

The Finished Subway Rooftop AC Unit

Subway Roof Top Unit Replacement

I honestly like subway sandwiches ... my favorite subway sandwich is the Subway Club with spicy mustard. But like most people, I hate being in a hot restaurant, after all sitting in a nice air conditioned space is part of enjoying your meal.

Always Overheating at Subway

Subway has had problems from the first day they opened their doors, the space was always hot and uncomfortable, especially during the summer months. Turned out the RHEEM Air Conditioning unit was slightly undersized. And at this point it had worked so hard it finally gave up. I'm surprised it took this long seeing how poorly it was installed.

Rheem to Rheem

In all my years of replacing all types of HVAC equipment around Skagit county, I have never in my wildest dreams thought I would see a roof top unit so far out of level. The installer had to be one of the luckiest guys around, considering the drain sloped towards the lower end of the unit. That being said, the reason I went back to RHEEM for a replacement was because of the foot print and weight. We try to match up as close to the same dimensions and weight as possible, saving the customer time and money.

Curb Modifications

As you can see in the photo we try to have very little roof or curb modifications as possible. If we would have added a curb adapter and or increased the size of the unit dramatically we would have pushed the limits of the engineered trusses. The trusses were designed for the weight and size of the existing unit.

Finishing Up

In this Subway Roof Top Replacement installation we where able to replace the RHEEM roof top unit with a very close match to the existing units weight and dimensions. We improved on the efficiency and were able to provide more air conditioning to the space using less energy.

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