Amana to American Standard 95% Standard Furnace.

This older Amana furnace has seen its last days, I would have to say that it has lived a full life. If you have a furnace in your home and it has a pilot light … seriously give me a call and lets start saving you money.

Older Amana 80%

Older Amana 80%

I often look for signs that there has be equipment changes before, like vent reducers, over/under sized base cans and or different wall colors behind the equipment. Here we have a very odd situation, we have no real base can … just a transition up to the furnace with a wooden stand under the furnace. I have to say this “It worked!”

American Standard 95% STD Furnace

American Standard 95% STD Furnace

After removing the older Amana we installed a supply base can and adapted to the existing supply ducting. Just under the base can we installed air deflectors to help divide up the air. The new American Standard 95% furnace sat right on the new base can and we installed a new transition from the furnace to the existing return ducting. The new PVC vent went straight up through the roof and the drain was ran into the existing drain line. Everything else was reconnected.

Now a repeated note … I only recommend what I would use if it where my home, in this case the ducting was not insulated and there where some duct leakage issues. So I recommended an American Standard 95% NON-Variable furnace. A variable would have cost them even more money to operate.

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Kris Knochelmann HVAC said:

April 13, 2011 at 5:59 pm

That looks like some pretty tight quarters to install that furnace.

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