American Standard Heating System

Strange Heating System Installs

I have seen some pretty weird heating system installations. Some make me wonder why the installer put all the effort into short cutting when it would have been faster to do it right. This is one of those.

York 80% Furnace part of the old heating system

York 80% Furnace.

The existing York furnace was sitting on an overly complex steel angled frame. So much effort was put in to this angle iron frame. Half that effort could have been put into making a simple transitional base can. But, it’s in place now and it is what we have to work with. Professional installations should be simple and functional, with no more than the necessary parts and pieces.

Many times, when we find a messy, complex, or non-standard install we know that the previous installer was not a true professional. These systems are usually less efficient and less reliable than they were designed by the manufacturer to be. Saving a few dollars on an install can often cost much more over the years.

95% 2 stage variable speed American Standard heating system

95% 2-stage variable-speed American Standard furnace

Simplify for the Win

We adapted the new American Standard 95% efficiency 2-stage variable-speed gas furnace into the existing duct system. Some simple modifications were made to the supply and return plena. A new PVC vent pipe and a new condensate drain line were run. Everything else simply bolted right up, and it worked great when we were done.

It is incredibly satisfying to walk in to a mess of complexity and inefficiency and leave behind a beautiful, clean, and simple heating system that the owner will enjoy for many years.

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