Carrier 90% to American Standard 95%

This older Carrier gas furnace was starting to cost the home owner more money than what the furnace was worth, honestly it should have been changed out years ago but a dollar here and a dollar there doesn’t seem so much until you add it all up.

Carrier 90% gas furnace

Carrier 90% gas furnace

The existing Carrier furnace sat in a utility room downstairs next to the hot water tank. So the furnace being a upflow model was not very surprising, but very helpful.

95% American Standard gas furnace

95% American Standard gas furnace

Because the existing gas furnace was vented with PVC it made swapping over to an American Standard 95% gas furnace very easy. We simply had to make a small supply transition for the top of the furnace and then reconnect up to everything else. We did add a filter access door on the return duct for better filter access.

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Carl S said:

June 19, 2012 at 11:07 am

The new furnace looks better and must be much more energy efficient as well, good job.

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