Bow Wa Boiler Replacement

A Clean, New Installation in an Existing Home

Bow Wa Boiler Replacement.

When it comes to boilers we really don't have a favorite brand or model, we actually look at the situation and then pick a boiler that will actually work the best. That being said, we do have a list of favorite boilers we like to use. In this Bow Wa Boiler replacement the Burnham ESC boiler fit the bill.

Maintenance was the key

Our customer actually had a fairly new high efficient boiler already installed, the problem was it kept breaking down. So much so that he decided to have it replaced with a much simpler boiler. As it turned out we had found that the top of the heat ex-changer was almost totally plugged and the gas pressure going into the boiler was not properly set. All of this was overlooked for years by the company doing his maintenance, and that company was the original installation company.

The Burnham ESC

In this situation we had picked the Burnahm ESC boiler, reason being they are very basic, durable, easy to install and you can add modules to them. The boiler is great in low temperature applications, like for in-floor systems or it can easily handle high heat base boards applications as well.


Make sure when your having maintenance done on your boiler system (especially high efficient systems) that its done properly. A good installation company is not always a good service company.


New Burnham ESC Bow Wa Boiler Replacement

Weil Mclain Ultra Boiler Issue

If you own a Weil Mclain Ultra Boiler, this article is for you.

We have a customer in Anacortes WA with a WEIL McLAIN Ultra Boiler 105. Their boiler is propane (LP), uses a side wall termination kit provided by WEIL MCLAIN and is on the coast pulling in salt air for combustion. This particular boiler has given us trouble for many years. Usually boiling down to a bad air fuel mixture, but on occasion we had to replace parts. All done with tech support on the phone.

WEIL McLAIN Ultra Boiler Venturi

This last service call shed some light on some of the issues, the venturi was compromised, literally falling apart. When we contacted tech support about the venturi they stated that the venturi only has a life expectancy of 5 years! Not only where we shocked to hear the 5 years, we where even more shocked that the existing venturi was replaced by Alpine Heating And Cooling only 2 years ago.


High Maintenance

If you own the WEIL McLAIN Ultra-105 boiler or considering purchasing one, keep in mind they require a yearly maintenance. The yearly maintenance has to be done with a kit that they supply, that kit is expensive and the labor to perform this maintenance is extensive. Also keep in mind that every 5 years you maybe buying the ULTRA-105 gas valve replacement kit #383-501-030, also very expensive. On a final note we share service information with another service contractor in our area, they as well are having issues with another  WEIL McLAIN Ultra boiler ... but model Ultra 80. So we don't know if this problem is just for the model 80 and 105 or spreads to all sizes.



The WEIL McLAIN Ultra boiler is not a boiler Alpine Heating and Cooling recommends, especially if you're LP and or living on or near salt water. Keep in mind the boiler is a high maintenance and is very expensive to repair.


Weil Mclain Ultra Boiler Venturi
New Weil Mclain Ultra Boiler Venturi Assembly

Roth 1050 controller

Roth 1050 Controller to Honeywell AQ25244B

Boiler Controllers

Boiler controllers can be very intimidating, especially if you do not deal with the same controller all the time. To make matters worse we had a burnt out Roth 1050 controller (Tekmar) that provided zero information on the installers custom settings. The Roth #1050 was manufactured by Tekmar, Tekmar was a leading manufacture and provider of boiler controllers. That was until the industry they provided controllers to caught up to their technology and started to produce their own controllers at a much more reasonable cost.

Roth 1050 Controller

Burnt Controller

After removing the circuit board from the housing you can see under the blue capacitor a burnt spot, now in some cases you can have these boards repaired, unfortunately this board was beyond repair. And the very sad part is these boards are becoming scarce and very expensive. Our solution was to move to a Honeywell AQ25244B controller with a AQ25744B expansion panel. Honeywell is less expensive and readily available.

Burnt Roth 1050 Controller

Honeywell AQ25244B controller

Not only would the Honeywell controller replace the the boilers Roth 1050 controller it would also replace the 2 Taco zone controllers that where on the system as well.

We installed the Honeywell AQ25244B controller in a more accessible area for the home owner as well as for the service technician. Because the new controller did the task of 3 components all the wiring had to come back to this location.

Honeywell AQ25244B Boiler Controller

Boiler System Back Up And Running

Once the new Honeywell controller is installed we still have a few hours left configuring the system and to make sure the system is working correctly.


Overall Boiler System

Monster to Weil McLAIN boiler

Old Boiler

The Weil McLAIN Boiler


This Monster had to go

I do not know any other way to describe it, the older American Standard boiler was originally an oil fired boiler that had been converted to natural gas. Just to let you know one of the worst efficient systems out there are oil systems that have been converted over to gas...bad bad bad. This particular boiler I am guessing at 40% efficiency at best... and I'm being nice.  The boiler weighed well over 800lbs and took 2 vans, 3 men and a block and tackle to get it out of the basement and into a van.


Weil McLAIN Boiler have come along way

As you can see the new Weil McLAIN Boiler  #CGA is not only half its size, its 83% Efficient, more BTU's, quieter and 2 men can carry it. How is that for technology!

Old Boiler
New Weil McLAIN boiler

Bradford White combi-core

Bradford White combi-core

Bradford White combi-core not heating

Every once in awhile you come across a good install, but poor design. Here we have a Bradford White combi-core (Boiler) hwt. These tanks heat both the domestic and hydronic water without mixing the two. The first thing I look for when I'm called out on a no heat boiler call is water pressure, and in this case there was no gauge. Not only was there no gauge...there was no pressure relieve valve. I determined there was massive amounts of air in the system, the pressure regulating valve was shot (no water coming in), and their expansion tank was faulty.


What we replaced and added

I replaced the expansion tank, replaced the cheap pressure regulator valve, added a pressure relieve valve and pressure gauge. Now if they ever have issues again with their Bradford White combi-core at least the tech can see if there is pressure in the system ... and if the pressure gets to high it has a place to go. I also found a faulty Wirsbo zone valve, and of course replaced it as well.

Bradford White combi-core

Navien Combi Water Heater

Navien Combi Boiler Weekend Home

Navien Combi Water Heater

At first glance I was taken back a little by the material being used in this water heater system. I have never seen black rubber hose being used in a in-floor application. It was not only the rubber hose being used but the size of the hose, 1/4" Id just does not seem like a lot of surface area to me for in-floor.

Existing Black Rubber Hydronic Hose

Existing Black Rubber Hydronic Hose

The black hose simply pushed into the copper pipe to make a manifold, the pressure of the system keeps its sealed. My research concludes that 45psi is the max these connections could hold back. We are running 12 to 20 psi.

Older Combi core HWT

Older Combi core HWT

  Here you can see the older Combi-Core water tank that was used to heat both their domestic as well as there hydronic heat. The mixing valves being used appeared faulty and both expansion tanks where bad.


Navien Combi Water Heater ... cont.

Navien has really out done themselves in my book with the Navien Combi Water Heater. This unit not only heats your domestic water, but also heats your home ... all in the same box.

New Navien CH-240 Water Heater

New Navien CH-240 Water Heater

 The Navien CH-240 tankless bolted right up on the exterior wall and really was plug and play, well of course we had to build a primary manifold and modify the existing loop to be a secondary loop ... but not to complicated.

 We controlled the Navien Combi Water Heater boiler system with the new ecobee Wifi thermostat, this way my customer can change thermostat settings from a remote location. And this being a weekend home it will work out great.


Weil Mclain to Weil Mclain Boiler

I have found especially with customers with boilers, a safety replacement factor. Meaning the customer has lost faith that their boiler is a safe peice of equipment, regardless of how much money they can throw at it…. for their peice of mind they really would prefer to replace it.

In this case the boiler had experienced a flame roll out, meaning flames rolled out of the burn chamber and shorted out the igniter wires, this of coarse sent a electrical burning smell throughout the home. After inspection and talking to the home owner we both came to the conclusion it was time for replacement.

Existing Weil Mclain boiler

Existing Weil Mclain boiler

Above is the Weil Mclain boiler that is 28+ years old, even though the cast boiler section is sound, most of the components are still 28+ years old. Never mind looking into the reason for the flame roll out … more than likely a plugged section in the boiler.

New Weil Mclain Boiler

New Weil Mclain Boiler

As you can see the new Weil Mclain boiler slid right into place. The pump, zone valves, thermostats, drain valves and expansion tank where all replaced at the same time. We added Dielectric unions to the supply and return lines.

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Crown Aruba3 80% Boiler

We had been after changing this old National-US boiler out for years, this year the roll out from the burners started to send carbon monoxide in to the home … enough to cause headaches.

Old National-US boiler

Old National-US boiler

After shutting down the boiler and advising the owners, it was decided to replace the boiler with a new Crown Aruba3 80% boiler. You can see on the picture above the indications from flame rollout on the front of the boiler.

New Crown Aruba3 80% boiler

New Crown Aruba3 80% boiler

We positioned the new Crown Aruba3 80% boiler to face 90 degrees from its original position. This will give the service technician easier access to both the boiler interior and exterior controls for maintenance and repairs if needed.

Heating And Cooling Skagit County

Need a Heat Pump, Air Conditioner, Furnace, Boiler or Tankless Water Heater? We install them all over Skagit county including Mount Vernon WA, Burlington WA, Anacortes, Sedro Woolley, La Conner, Stanwood WA, and on Camano Is.