Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally

Cascade Natural Gas Trade AllyCascade Natural Gas Conservation Trade Allies are pre-screened installation contractors who partner with the utility to deliver energy-efficient natural gas products to Cascade residential and business customers.  Alpine Heat is proud to be part of the Cascade Natural Gas Trade Ally!

Alpine Heat can assist you with energy efficiency upgrades, obtaining Cascade incentives and taking advantage of other benefits offered to you through the conservation program.  Currently for 2016 you can take advantage of a $250 incentive for a high-efficiency natural gas furnace in a new or existing home!

Cascade Natural Gas works with us to help steer you through the application process for natural gas upgrades and weatherization services. Alpine Heat is familiar with the requirements of the Cascade Natural Gas Conservation Incentive Program. We meet the program criteria necessary to retain our status including passing quality control inspections, providing required levels of insurance coverage, and maintaining licensing requirements for work in the State of Washington.

An energy-efficient home can save you money season after season. Cascade Natural Gas can help with four easy steps to cash rebates for energy-efficient gas improvements and an easy online application.