Oil Furnace to Gas Furnace Upgrade

Loud, Inefficient, Even Dangerous – It Had to Go

Here we have yet another oil furnace that should have been converted over many many years ago. At a certain point, a furnace becomes an unmanageable risk. You are, after all, playing with fire. Once you upgrade, you’ll spend less on fuel, be more comfortable, and be safer in your home.

Chrysler oil furnace

Chrysler oil furnace

It was an old Chrysler Airtemp oil furnace, built by Chrysler Corporation. I may have seen a half dozen of these in the last 30 years. It was built like a tank. The home was built in 1951 and I’m willing to bet the furnace was original.

Furnace American Standard 80%

Furnace American Standard 80%

The Oil Furnace Legacy

One of the biggest things to consider when changing from oil to gas is the old tank. If your tank is in the ground sooner or later your going to be dealing with that tank … better sooner than later. Have it decommissioned.

The American Standard 80% furnace is obviously a little smaller in dimensions and in this case as in most we down-sized the furnace to match the home. We added a liner in to the existing masonry chimney and ran a new gas line from the new meter to the furnace. Pretty simple, straightforward project.

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