Coleman TG9S 95%

Coleman makes the most economical 95% furnace on the market today…. here I swapped out a Carrier 80%. On this particular install I ran into a unattached return ducting at the ceiling. Drawing in air from the garage is not only a unsafe situation, it can be a costly one.

Older Carrier

Older Carrier

What I really hate about the spec market furnaces is the lack of consideration for the filtering. Above you can see the straight duct above the furnace that holds the filters. The customer has to reach through the furnace and up into the ducting to change his filters. How many times do people get cut doing this?

New Coleman TG9S 95%

New Coleman TG9S 95%

Now above you see the new Coleman TG9S 95% furnace and you see the new Honeywell F100 4″ filter bank. All the customer has to do is pull the door open and remove his filter. NO CUTS. And he has to do it less often because the 4″ pleat has 4 times the surface area of a standard 1″.
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furnace filters said:

December 19, 2010 at 1:09 pm

Low humidity in a house is hard on the furniture and yourself. 30% humidity and lower will cause furniture to crack and your nose to dry out. It also is the reason for static electricity in carpets. Humid air is warmer. Just keep the level between 30 and 50 % for the most comfort. Whole house humidifiers installed at the furnace work best.

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