How To Conserve Heat in Your Home

Staying warm in the winter helps us to feel cozy and comfortable. Here are a few simple and useful ways of staying warm even when the mercury dips below freezing. For example, making use of space heaters in the rooms that are most frequently used is a great way to take the load off of a main heating system or furnace. In many instances an inexpensive space heater can actually be more efficient that a typical central home heating system. This is particularly true when heating a very small space.

Putting Your Home Heating System on Autopilot

In addition, enough cannot be said about the advantages of using a programmable thermostat in your home. This is a completely automatic way of putting the entire house heating system on autopilot all day long. It will reduce the temperature inside during the evening hours while you sleep, and will take the pressure off in terms of you always having to adjust the temperature manually. Best of all, it serves to substantially decrease energy consumption by in many cases up to 25%. It is also recommended by experts to keep temperatures as steady as possible throughout the day.

Reduce the Workload

Wide swings in temperate can result in a system working much harder to maintain optimal temperatures all day long. The idea here is reduce the workload on the system as much as possible. This not only, as mentioned, reduces energy usage but it also helps to extend the life of the equipment. This means you heating system will last longer and that repairs will be less likely. Speaking of repairs, always have your system routinely inspected at the very minimum once every two years, where annual inspections are even better.

Dissipate Through the Ceiling and Walls

Equally important is to get into the habit of reversing ceiling fans in the winter. When you do this you are in effect allowing the fan blades to draw down heat that is hanging out up around the ceiling. As everyone knows, heat rises and this is just a very inexpensive way of recycling this heat to your benefit. It makes sense to access this unused heat, as it will likely dissipate through the ceiling and walls otherwise. Finally, if you have a wood fireplace and can source very inexpensive or even free wood, this is a sure way to reduce the amount of energy consumed in your home during the winter months. Contact Alpine Heating & Cooling today for the best in Mt. Vernon WA heater maintenance and repair service.


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