Erratic Furnace issues

There is nothing worse for a technician than to get dispatched to a no heat call and then upon arrival finding out the furnace is working correctly. He will run it through all its cycles several times and find absolutely nothing wrong with the furnace.

Furnace Control Board

Furnace Control Board

And of course if the technician leaves without finding the issue the customer will call back within days and complain the furnace is not working again. This is very frustrating for both the technician and the customer, especially if he shows up for the 2nd time to find the furnace is still working just fine. We have found under these circumstances that the furnace control board is more than likely the issue. The picture above shows what appears to be a perfectly good control board.

Furnace Control Board under.

Furnace Control Board under.

Its after you flip the board over and inspect it that you will see a hot spot on the board. Its hot spots like the one above that will cause intermittent issues with the furnace operation. Sometimes the furnace works great .. other times it short cycles and blows cold air. These issues will get gradually worse over time. Simply turning the board over can save a technician a lot of time.

The hard thing to overcome for a technician is being 100% confident that this is the issue with the furnace, after all it is a expensive repair. But in almost every case that we have changed the control board under these circumstances the erratic operation went away. And if you do not change the control board you may end up with a possible fire hazard as shown above.

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