Furnace Inspection

From time to time I get a phone call to do equipment inspections, usually at a buyers request. I do these at a lower cost because (A) I get to put my sticker on the equipment (B) There is a good chance the equipment is on its last legs anyway and it gives me the opportunity to quote the new equipment.

Older furnace

Older furnace

The picture above is of a older forced air furnace, the house was a repo so the gas was turned off. So testing the equipment was impossible. The first thing that hit me was the lack of return ducting. Notice the filter on top? Now notice that the furnace actually pulls its combustion air from the same space it pulls its return air from? Not only is this HIGHLY against code … its very dangerous to the people living in the home. The 2nd thing that hit me was the age of the equipment, I am guessing around 36 years old based on the style and the serial number. I do not need to see this thing fire off to tell you its in very poor condition and the gas company will not re-establish gas service to this home without the return air/combustion air being repaired.
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