Furnace Replacement

Furnace replacement

Here you can see a few of the dilemmas heating contractors go through … this Carrier unit has seen its life and its ready for furnace replacement.

Carrier 90% gas furnace.

Carrier 90% gas furnace.

In the photo above you see the the top half of a Carrier gas furnace. Whats different about this furnace install is it is vented with ABS and not PVC, 1-1/2″ not 2″ and it is also vented out the side of the unit not the top, making it very difficult to access a filter system, like this Honeywell with an American Standard furnace.

American Standard 95% Single Stage Furnace.

American Standard 95% Single Stage Furnace.

This is a typical challenge for Alpine Heating And Cooling. What we did was fabricate and install a transition on top of the furnace, raising the existing Honeywell air cleaner up and out of the way so we can run the new PVC venting/combustion air pipe. We then replaced the undersized ABS venting with new PVC venting all the way up and out through the roof. Everything else bolted right up.

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