Gas Furnace Yelp Review From July 2017 – Gary B.

Needed a new gas furnace… everyone I called was ‘nice’ and able to schedule an appointment for an estimate. Alpine Heating and the owner, Gary clearly were the best in all ways.

Alpine sells one of the highest quality with lowest repairs (per Consumer Reports) furnaces, American Standard (same inside as a Trane, yet lower pricing). Gary gave me several options with no BS or upsell. In fact, not selling at all, just saying here’s your two choices. And if it were a home for a friend, I’d recommend ‘this’.

Other companies sold mid or low tier quality products for more money. Other companies only had one or two staff total, maybe not there when you need them? Other companies did fancy measurements of ‘static pressure’ and ‘heat loss’ calculations but wasted my time doing them while acting as if they knew what they were doing. But, in fact, were just ‘nice people’ selling at a very high price with slick color company brochures.

Alpine has a select crew of installers and repair people. Big enough to do it right, small enough to care about you, their customer. Competitive pricing on top tier products.

The installation was quickly scheduled. Gary returned to measure for an extra duct that I needed. The crew (two guys) did an excellent job and did not make a big mess. All electrical work, gas piping, metal fabrication, items that support a good installation of a furnace, were done neatly and with good practices and to code. I know of these things, having owned many homes and rentals through the years and being in the construction industry myself. No extra charges for ‘we didn’t anticipate this’ either. The bid price was the final price, with a discount for cash or check.

Alpine can make custom sheet metal parts in their own shop, which is fast and correct. Some companies just use stock parts and ‘make them fit’. Alpine’s sheet metal work fit perfectly as they transitioned from the new American Standard Furnace to the existing duct work.

In sum, a 100% satisfactory experience, first site visit through clean up. Thank you, Alpine!


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