Lennox oil to American Standard 95% Single Stage

What a huge difference this will make for my customer… unfortunately these are new tenants who just moved in who have no idea how much their heating bills could have been, thanks to the owner who decided to upgrade their system.

Older Lennox Oil Furnace

Older Lennox Oil Furnace

The existing Lennox oil furnace was only a couple years old but because natural gas was coming down the street and new tenants where moving in I think it was a wise decision to replace it with the American Standard 95% single stage furnace at this time.

American Standard 95% Single Stage

American Standard 95% Single Stage

In my opinion … If your existing ducting is located outside of the living space, is questionable on how well it is sealed or insulated and can not be repaired I would consider looking at a single stage versus a multi stage piece furnace. Unless your more worried about comfort than your are efficiency than think about the American Standard 95% 2 stage variable.

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