Lennox to American Standard

Lennox to American Standard

Years ago I use to be an Lennox furnace dealer ... and way before that I use to install Lennox furnaces for a local company.

Lennox Pulse

Lennox Pulse

I can not tell you how many Lennox pulse furnaces I have installed, but I can tell you I absolutely hated the Lennox pulse because of the noise it produced. Because of the way it burns its fuel it creates a pulsing/knocking sound that is so annoying it will drive you out of your home. We literally had to install mufflers and vibration pads to try to help bring down the noise.

Here we have a 100,000 btu Lennox pulse, the grand daddy of noise makers. Seeing this old knocker reminded of my early days installing when I was in my early 20's. Fortunately for my customer there is the new American Standard 95% Variable 2 stage gas furnace that is mouse whisper compared to the pulse.


Lennox to American Standard  ... Cont.


Lennox To American Standard

American Standard furnace

I had to replace the existing venting with larger 3" PVC, do a few duct changes and added a Honeywell 4" pleated filter bank. Other than that the job went fairly smooth. And because the existing thermostat location could not be moved easily we went with a Honeywell wireless thermostat. If you want to move your thermostat location but cant because of wiring issues ... use the wireless... very cool.



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