Mobile Home 80% to American Standard 95%

Its not very often we get to install an American Standard 95% furnace in a manufactured home, mostly in part due to the sizing constraints of the equipment. A typical manufactured home furnace closet is not sized deep enough for the 95% gas furnace.

Manufactured Home Gas Furnace

Manufactured Home Gas Furnace

One of the challenges of this particular project was keeping the air conditioning system. The existing furnace had a built in coil cabinet, the new American Standard 95% does not have this feature. So we had to make a custom AC coil cabinet that also doubled as a transitional base can.

New American Standard 95% Single Stage

New American Standard 95% Single Stage

Above you see the new American Standard 95% single stage gas furnace. Because we are in a manufactured home both the venting and combustion air has to be piped to the outside, this is optional in a standard home. The condensate line was tapped into the existing AC drain line. We added a Honeywell F100 4″ pleated filter bank for a filtration system and to top it off with also added a Honeywell Vision8000 thermostat.

Even though the furnace sticks out slightly into the utility room I think the payoff in savings and comfort will be worth it.

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May 14, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Wow you really used your creativity for this job. Thanks for sharing the photos. I haven’t seen this before but if it ever comes up for me or someone I know, I will definitely know it’s possible to install a system like this is a manufactured home/

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