Monster to Weil McLAIN boiler

The Weil McLAIN Boiler


This Monster had to go

I do not know any other way to describe it, the older American Standard boiler was originally an oil fired boiler that had been converted to natural gas. Just to let you know one of the worst efficient systems out there are oil systems that have been converted over to gas...bad bad bad. This particular boiler I am guessing at 40% efficiency at best... and I'm being nice.  The boiler weighed well over 800lbs and took 2 vans, 3 men and a block and tackle to get it out of the basement and into a van.


Weil McLAIN Boiler have come along way

As you can see the new Weil McLAIN Boiler  #CGA is not only half its size, its 83% Efficient, more BTU's, quieter and 2 men can carry it. How is that for technology!

Old Boiler
New Weil McLAIN boiler


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