My First Triangle Tube Boiler

Triangle Tube was not my first pick for a boiler for this project, but I had to look at all the requirements. The boiler had to be high efficient, I had to get it vented out with PVC, I had to separate the combustion air from the exhaust venting and I had to do all this in a very confined place. Triangle Tube met all the above.

Older American Standard Boiler

Older American Standard Boiler

The American Standard boiler had failed, there where several minor issues that could have been resolved but our customer wanted an upgrade. The house was built in the late 30’s and even though the customer feels that this boiler was original I’m thinking its was put in a few decades later.

New Triangle Tube Boiler

New Triangle Tube Boiler

The triangle Tube boiler fit like a glove, in fact I was within inches of making this a unsuccessful install. I forgot who told me this great advice … “a tape measure never lies” you have to read into it to understand why its called advice.

The boiler comes with its own primary pump but lacks a external pump control, besides the obvious hydronic devices I had to ad a transformer and a relay to make a complete system. The boiler mounts on the wall similar to the Navien tankless. Overall I’m really happy I got to install one of these boilers.

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