Repair or Replace?

Spend Money to Save Money

The 2 Payne 90% LP furnaces were getting more and more costly to repair and maintain. My customer decided it was better to replace them than to have constant repair bills. Based on the condition on these 2 furnaces, I had to agree.

Payne 90% LP Furnaces

Payne 90% LP Furnaces

Uplflow Vs. Downflow

It’s not very often in a residential application I get to show a side by side comparison between an upflow and downflow furnace.The furnace on the left is an downflow and the one on the right is an upflow. You can tell by the way the ducting is routed.

American Standard LP Furnaces 95%

American Standard LP Furnaces 95%

Honeywell F100 Filters for the Win

The 2 new American Standard 95% LP furnaces where fairly easy to install with some duct alterations mainly to the upflow furnace. You can see the 2 new Honeywell F100 filter banks installed on the intakes of the furnaces. Adding the F100 filters really improves indoor air quality in the home. These systems gives the customer the option of converting them over to electronic at a later date if need be.

Heating And Cooling Skagit County

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