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Alpine Heating And Cooling is an HVAC service and repair company in Burlington, WA. If you need help with your heating or cooling system, we are only a phone call away.

Providing HVAC Service For Skagit County

HVAC Service – Repairing a Commercial Steam Boiler.

Your confidence in our work is important to us! That is why we only install the best quality, factory OEM replacement parts (or better, if available), insuring long-lasting, effective repairs. Our technicians are well trained in servicing and maintaining all types of heating and cooling equipment. We stand behind our work and our repairs.

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Furnace Maintenance, Is it Time?


You’d never consider waiting for your car’s engine to seize before going for an oil change, so why wait until your heating system quits (which is never convenient!) to have furnace maintenance done?

Winter is the busiest time for professional heating and cooling contractors. Why not have a professional inspection and/or a furnace maintenance performed on your furnace before the busy winter months? You’ll be more likely to get an appointment quickly and at a time that suits you.

Do you know what a heat anticipator does? A properly adjusted one will keep you comfortably warm while saving fuel and money while one that’s out of adjustment can cause annoying temperature swings in your home that also waste fuel and money.

It might seem like there’s not much going on in your heating system, but today’s carefully engineered HVAC systems allow numerous adjustments that can improve efficiency, function, and safety. Filters, safety equipment, feedback systems, and more can all be checked and brought into spec.

Maintaining your heating system rather than repairing it when it breaks will help keep your unit running efficiently, prevent delays in its repair, keep your family safe, and you get a reduced cost for the furnace maintenance.

Not only does a properly serviced and safety checked furnace contribute to trouble-free operation for the lifetime of that equipment, but also extends that lifetime.

Nobody wants to take chances with the safety of home and family – get your furnace inspected annually by a properly trained and licensed HVAC service professional and make sure to follow any maintenance recommendations made by the manufacturer and your technician.

Alpine Heating And cooling offers discounts for off-season furnace maintenance.

Click here to find out what our furnace maintenance package includes.

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Alpine Heat Is the HVAC Equipment Expert in Skagit County

Modern homes are elegant orchestrations of numerous complex systems that should look and feel as simple as possible for the homeowner. Whether you’re a developer putting in a subdivision, a contractor building a custom home, or a homeowner wanting to save money and be more comfortable in both winter and summer, a properly installed, efficient, and reliable HVAC system is key.

New Construction

Alpine has the experience to work on any size job and to seamlessly integrate with other contractors on the job site. We’re on schedule, on task, and leave a neat, clean job you’ll be proud to show to the new owner. When you choose an HVAC contractor, you need to know that the job will be done right the first time. Alpine Heating and Cooling is fully insured and licensed, and we guarantee our work. You won’t be getting calls from the homeowner that their system failed due to poor workmanship.

An Alpine Heat and Cooling Truck Means the Job will be Done Right

An Alpine Heat Truck Means a Job Done Right

Existing Construction, New HVAC Installation

You love your home, but maybe it was built before all the modern conveniences were available or affordable. If space heaters and window fans have been getting you by until now, imagine how nice it would be to set your programmable thermostat and stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and to save money on your HVAC bills all year long, too?

It’s not a dream – a new, energy-efficient air conditioning, heating, or combination heat and A/C system can be installed in virtually any existing home, often with minimal changes to the existing structure. Ductless mini splits from a strong, reliable company like American Standard can provide quiet, zone-controlled heating and cooling to any home, and may qualify for numerous rebates and incentives.

A Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump installed at a residence

A Clean, Neat, and Professional Installation Is Guaranteed

Existing Construction, Upgraded HVAC System

In recent years, the technology behind heating and cooling equipment has leapt forward. What was once big, heavy, expensive, and almost experimental is now compact, quiet, efficient, reliable, and priced for the mass market. Better materials and better design have enabled better performance and even better warranties.

No longer does the homeowner with a reasonable budget have to settle for a budget-performance HVAC system. Often, upgrading an older system to a modern one will pay for the new system within several years through fuel and electricity cost savings.

A Clean, New Installation in an Existing Home

A Clean, New Gas Boiler Installation in an Existing Home

When Choosing an HVAC Contractor, It All Comes Down to Comfort

After 30 years, I have come to the conclusion that its not really the brand that makes you comfortable, it’s the company behind that brand. I find most customers choose Alpine Heat because they are most comfortable with us. We are trained, experienced, we stand behind what we sell, we provide great service, and we appreciate our customers.

Alpine Heating and Cooling carries one of the best brands of equipment on the market today – American Standard . Consumer Reports has named American Standard the best brand many times over. 

If you are in need of a furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, mini split or tankless heater, Alpine Heat has the experience to make it happen. Give us a call at 360-755-5146 or 360-293-6210 and let’s talk.

Gary Kirkendall, Owner of Alpine Heating and Cooling, Assesses the Situation

We’ve seen (and fixed) it all. Give us a call. Thanks!

We Have Furnace Parts and More in Stock and Ready for YOU

furnace parts for customers

Alpine Heating and Cooling stocks most furnace parts and HVAC parts in our Burlington, Washinton (Skagit County) warehouse. We have parts for heat pumps, water heaters, tankless systems, and boilers, too. Having a large supply of parts helps our technicians help you, but also means that we can provide specialty parts to do-it-yourselfers, usually without a wait.

We have many customers who like to fix their own equipment. Why not? It saves money! It can be satisfying to repair a problem you thought you had to hire a professional for. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, bring your parts in. If we don’t have your furnace parts in stock, it’s likely we can get them within a few days.

A Furnace Control Printed Circuit Board That Burned Up

Sometimes You Need a New Board!