Something to American Standard 95% Variable 2 Stage

When I first was called out by the bank on this Repo home I was asked to install a new gas furnace. When I got there I found no furnace, just everything that goes with it. Turned out the previous owner(contractor) took the furnace as well as all the appliances, deck and fence. Yes even the fence. The bank wanted a cheap price on a furnace. I really hate the word cheap.

Furnace gone.

Furnace gone.

I’m very thankful that the bank decided not to install a furnace, turned out the new owner of the home contacted me later. An American Standard 95% variable 2 stage was installed because he wanted a very quite and efficient furnace, the cheap 80% would not have done that. Unfortunately after the new furnace was in I could not get a clean picture, way to much duct in the way.

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