Useful Furnace Efficiency Tips and Tricks For Homeowners

The American Standard 95% Furnace

This 95% efficient furnace by American Standard con convert 95 cents of every dollar you spend on fuel into heat for your home.

A dependable and reliable furnace is an important part of any typical residential home today. That is why it is so crucial to pay particular attention to the proper care and maintenance of this essential home appliance for maximum furnace efficiency. For example, one little-known trick is to consider rearranging the rooms in your home as a way to improve airflow. By moving furniture you may be able to lower utility expenses. Simply moving furniture away from a window or wall where it is drafty or cool reduces heating requirements.

Door Socks

Best of all, if you have a favorite spot for your beloved couch or chair you can easily move them back in the spring. Equally of concern are drafty doorways. Doors that have gaps can actually allow heat to escape around the frame through those gaps. One of the best ways to deal with drafty doorways is to cover gaps with something known as door socks. These are readily available in most big-box stores or hardware stores in your local area. Door socks can even be made out of old unused personal socks that would otherwise be discarded.

Create a Seal

It is also worth considering proper insulation for windows throughout your home. Because you spend a lot of money heating the interior of your house you want to make sure that heat does not escape through windows that are old or improperly fitted. One quick fix in this regard is to consider using plastic film and placing it over windows with tape to create a seal. This will greatly reduce heat loss especially in drafty older windows. While this kind of plastic may not be the most attractive it can easily be removed in the spring.

A Great Way of Saving Energy

Finally, the simple idea of just lowering your thermostat can greatly reduce energy usage and improve furnace-heating performance. Consider lowering the thermostat and wearing a sweater indoors. Extra blankets at night will keep everyone warm while you effectively lower your energy bill. As an added note, closing vents in unused rooms is also a great way of saving energy and improving furnace efficiency. Along with closing vents it is recommended to close the doors in any spare rooms that are not in use. Contact Alpine Heating & Cooling today for the best in Mount Vernon Washington furnace repair, maintenance and installation today.


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