Useful Tips For Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

With energy costs steadily on the rise it is increasingly important for homeowners to make full use of all available options when it comes to increasing residential energy-efficient. Here are just a few useful ways of making your home more energy efficient in order to reduce your carbon footprint and to save you money. For example, insulation plays a key role in keeping a house at a comfortable temperature and so that the temperature does not fluctuate excessively. Keep in mind that wall insulation as well as attic insulation can be increased as necessary to improve insulating efficiency.

Isolate and Repair any Drafts That Exist

In addition, there are many modern ways of using recycled insulation to increase your home’s efficiency. Everything from shredded blue jeans to recycled paper and other similar materials can literally be blown into the attic or the walls of a home to improve efficiency. Equally important is to make sure that you identify, isolate and repair any drafts that exist within your home. When draft areas are detected they should be sealed using silicone caulking or some other type of foam sealant. Even pet doors can create a serious problem when it comes to allowing conditioned air to escape to the outdoors.

Allowing The Sun To Warm The Interior of Your Home

Another great way to improve energy efficiency in any home is to consider using passive solar heating. This can be as simple as allowing the sun to warm the interior of a home by opening all window coverings on the side where the sun is currently shining. Having regular and routine maintenance performed on a home’s heating system is another great way to better manage efficiency. Units that are properly maintained and routinely inspected perform better and ultimately will save you money.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Will Produce More Heat Than a Gas Fireplace

As an added note, making full use of a wood fireplace can also be a great way to lower energy costs. A wood-burning fireplace will generally produce more heat than a gas fireplace and can be used to burn (in many cases) free fuel sources. This can include everything from fallen trees to cut branches and even wood pellets. Getting creative in this regard will have a big impact on annual energy usage. Finally, reversing ceiling fans and lowering the temperature by a few degrees on the thermostat can have a substantial impact on overall energy usage during the winter months. Contact Alpine Heating & Cooling today to learn more about the best in Mount Vernon Washington heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair.


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