The Ways in which we Heat our Homes

Today there are several different methods of heating a typical residential home in the United States. Here are a few simple examples of the most common ways that homes are currently being heated around the country. For example, a gas or oil furnace is typically used to heat a home by burning oil or gas contained within a sealed chamber. A blower moves air around externally to the chamber where ambient air then absorbs heat that is then ultimately pumped back into the home through ducting.

Make a System Safer and More Reliable

In most cases when a home is heated in this way, combustible gases that are toxic are vented outside of the home through pipes or tubing. While older furnaces will often use air from inside the home for heating, newer units sold today make use of outside air for the same purpose. Using outside air actually helps to increase efficiency and makes a system safer and more reliable. In addition to oil and gas furnaces, there is also the option to heat a home using an electric furnace. This type of system incorporates the use of simple electric strip heating elements. These elements serve to convert electricity into heat that is then used to warm a home.

Heating a Modern Residential Home

Air inside a home comes into contact with heating elements that serve to heat that air that is then distributed from room to room via ducting. This is considered one of the less efficient ways of heating a modern residential home. The system is simple, safe and reliable but generally is more expensive in terms of electricity usage. Finally, heat pumps are perhaps the most efficient way to heat a home using electricity. A heat pump will typically be of the air source type using some kind of refrigerant or chemical to effectively absorb latent heat in the air found outside of the home. This heat is then concentrated and then distributed throughout a home as a way to make the interior environment warm and livable.

Geothermal Style Heat Pump

Considered highly efficient in its operation a typical heat pump may not perform as well when the air outside becomes very cold. Unlike a normal air source heat pump, a geothermal style heat pump will derive its heat energy from the earth as a way to heat a home. This is a unique type of system that uses heat energy from the ground to produce very efficient heating. The benefit of using a geothermal system is that it is unaffected by outside air especially when this air becomes extremely cold. Contact Alpine Heating & Cooling today to learn more about Burlington Washington heating system maintenance and repair.


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